Audiobooks for Everyone

We know audiobooks are enjoyed by more than just book lovers. While audiobooks are a natural for book lovers because listening extends the time they have for books, they can offer great entertainment for anyone who wants a good story and has the time to listen. And we know good stories go beyond fiction. There are great stories out there that are found in biographies and memoirs, books of history and exploration, science and philosophy, inspiration and self-help. Brilliance Audio publishes a broad selection of fiction genres and nonfiction choices to satisfy a variety of desires in audiobook listening. No matter the fiction or nonfiction preference, we publish audiobooks for every taste.

And like genre preference, Brilliance Audio knows that not everyone has the same preference in media format. This is why we are committed to publishing audiobooks in a variety of media formats—on compact disc, MP3-CD, and in download formats. These media options make it even easier for everyone to enjoy audiobooks wherever and whenever they want to—in a car, while traveling, exercising, doing chores, waiting in line, or any time they can listen while doing something else.

At Brilliance Audio, our philosophy is to embody the author's voice with our narrator. Each narrator is carefully selected to best portray the content of the book and then is expertly recorded. The point of success comes when listeners are no longer aware of listening to the audiobook. Instead, they feel immersed in the book's content. Many first-time listeners are amazed and delighted to find how captivating this kind of entertainment consumption can be. Audiobooks really can be for everyone.

Audiobook Publishing at Its Best