Transfer an MP3-CD to an iPod
Suggestion for Transferring an MP3-CD to an iPod® through iTunes® (11.0 or Newer)

For iTunes versions 11 and newer, first click on the top left menu pane,
and select  Show Menu Bar:

Open iTunes. Go to Preferences... (for Windows click Edit and scroll to Preferences; on a Mac click iTunes in the menu bar and scroll to Preferences) Click the Advanced Tab.

3 Make sure that Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library has a check mark in the box. Click OK.

4 Insert an MP3-CD audiobook into your computer’s CD Drive. (The MP3-CD will not show in iTunes Source List like an audio CD would normally)

5 In iTunes click on File, scroll to Add folder to Library, click on the CD drive which is located under My Computer. Select Folder.

This will start the transfer process of the MP3 files into iTunes. This will take several minutes; you can monitor the progress on the top of the iTunes window.

After this is done, follow the steps below to transfer these audiobook files to your iPod.

Connect your iPod to your computer. Your iPod icon appears on the left hand side under DEVICES iTunes.

7 Default iTunes settings will automatically sync your new playlist to your iPod. If you have changed your settings, you will have to Click and Drag the audiobook files to your iPod icon. This will start the transfer of your audiobook to your iPod. After this process is finished, eject your iPod and enjoy!