Canterbury Tales, The

Genre: Classics

Canterbury Tales, The

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David Butler

A selection of eight stories from Chaucer's time-tested collection of talesThe narrator of Chaucer's tale, a traveler, finds himself welcomed into a fellow group of travelers, all of whom are on their way to receive the blessings of St. Thomas à Becket in Canterbury. To ensure a pleasant journey, a storytelling contest is suggested, with the winner promised a sumptuous dinner from the party's other members. Thus begins The Canterbury Tales. Eight of these tales are showcased in this charming collection, including words from the Host as well as words from Chaucer. The stories include: 'The Miller's Tale''The Franklin's Tale''The Nun's Priest's Tale''The Wife of Bath's Tale''The Friar's Tale'

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Geoffrey Chaucer

Thought to have been born in London, England, circa 1342 or 1343, Geoffrey Chaucer is considered 'the first finder of our language' even before the time of Shakespeare. The Canterbury Tales ranks as one of the greatest poetic works in the English language. Perhaps the chief characteristics of Chaucer's works are their variety in subject matter, genre, tone, style, and in the complexities presented concerning man's pursuit of a sensible existence. Yet his writings also consistently reflect an all-pervasive humor, combined with serious and tolerant consideration of important philosophical questions. From his writings Chaucer emerges as a poet of love, both earthly and divine. His stories lead the listener to speculate about man's relationship both to other people and to his Maker, while simultaneously providing entertaining views of the frailties and follies, as well as the nobility, of mankind.
David Butler

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