Adventures in Missing the Point

Genre: Religion

Adventures in Missing the PointHow the Culture-Controlled Church Neutered the Gospel

If you’re brave enough to take an honest look at the issues facing the culture–controlled church—and the issues in your own life—read on.Do you ever look at how the Christian faith is being lived out in the new millennium and wonder if we’re not doing what we’re supposed to be doing? That we still haven’t quite “gotten it”? That we’ve missed the point regarding many important issues?It’s understandable if we’ve relied on what we’ve been told to believe or what’s widely accepted by the Christian community. But if we truly turned a constructive, critical eye toward our beliefs and vigorously questioned them and their origins, where would we find ourselves?Bestselling authors Brian McLaren and Tony Campolo invite you to do just that. Join them on an adventure—one that’s about uncovering and naming faulty conclusions, suppositions, and assumptions about the Christian faith. In Adventures in Missing the Point, the authors take turns addressing how we’ve missed the point on crucial topics such as: salvation, the Bible, being postmodern, worship, homosexuality, truth, and many more.

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Tony Campolo

Tony Campolo has long been a gadfly to evangelicalism, one of our own who helps us see our weaknesses from within the camp. He’s professor emeritus of sociology at Eastern University in suburban Philadelphia, founder and president of the Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education—an organization that nurtures and supports “at-risk” children in cities across North America—a media commentator on religious, social, and political matters, and the author of more than 30 books, including Speaking My Mind, Which Jesus, The Church Enslaved (coauthored with Michael Battle), Let Me Tell You a Story, and The Survival Guide for Christians on Campus, coauthored with Will Willimon.
Brian D. McLaren

Brian D. McLaren is a sought-after speaker and highly respected author focusing on the church and the postmodern cultural shift surrounding it. He’s founding pastor of Cedar Ridge Community Church, an innovative, nondenominational church in the Baltimore-Washington region. Brian is the author of A Generous Orthodoxy, Finding Faith, A New Kind of Christian, and More Ready Than You Realize. He’s also on the international steering team and board of directors for Emergent Village (, a growing generative friendship of missional Christian leaders. Brian is married to Grace. They have four children.
Maurice England

Following twelve years as a long haul trucker and listening to over a thousand audiobooks, Maurice England began to ask, “why not me”? With a love for reading and a background in vocal performance, Maurice narrated his first audiobook in 2006, going full time in 2009. A 2012 dual Audies Finalist, Maurice has narrated 90+ titles.

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