Quaker Café, The

Genre: Womens Fiction

Quaker Café, The

Performed by:
Bahni Turpin
#1 in A Quaker Café Novel

When Liz Hoole, a free-spirited liberal from the Midwest, marries into a conservative Quaker family, she knows that raising children in compliance with Quaker values will be challenging. Twenty-five years later, she still feels like she’s falling short of expectations. Fortunately, her faith and her friends in the small, rural North Carolina town of Cedar Branch keep her strong. After her best friend’s politically powerful father dies, Liz stumbles upon secrets from the past that threaten to unravel the current harmony in Cedar Branch, a town with a history of racial tension. As she researches more and eavesdrops on gossip at the Quaker Café, where everyone meets each morning, Liz soon discovers the truth about an injustice that she cannot reveal to anyone—not even her husband. Surrounded by a cast of richly drawn Southern characters, Liz learns that even good people can make bad choices. Now, she must decide whether she has the strength to bring a past wrong to light, despite the consequences. This is a new release of a previously published edition.

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Run time: 12 hours
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Brenda Bevan Remmes

Brenda Bevan Remmes has spent her career in health-care education as adjunct faculty with the medical schools at the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill and the University of South Carolina–Columbia. Her stories and articles have appeared in Newsweek and Southern publications and journals, and her first novel, The Quaker Café, was published in 2014. Remmes is a longtime member of the Religious Society of Friends (Conservative) of North Carolina. She lives with her husband near the Black River Swamp in South Carolina.
Bahni Turpin

Bahni Turpin’s love for reading began in early childhood when she began reading at age two. By age five she was thrilled by the adoring responses her reading elicited from her parent’s friends. Then at nine, Bahni began acting, and the rest is history. Bahni is now an actress and yoga teacher living in Los Angeles. She is an ensemble member of the Cornerstone Theater Company and has appeared in numerous television and film productions.

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