Ways to Die in Glasgow

Genre: Crime Fiction

Ways to Die in Glasgow

#1 in Sam Ireland Mysteries

A violent drunk with a broken heart, Mackie looks for love in all the wrong places. When two hit men catch him with his pants down, he barely makes it out alive. Worse still, his ex-gangster uncle, Rab, has vanished, leaving him an empty house and a dead dog. Reluctant PI Sam Ireland is hired by hotshot lawyers to track Rab but is getting nothing except blank stares and slammed doors. As she scours the dive bars, the dregs of Glasgow start to take notice. DI Andy Lambert is a cop in the middle of an endless shift. A body washes up, and the city seems to shiver in fear; looks like it’s up to Lambert to clean up after the lowlifes again. As a rampaging Mackie hunts his uncle, the scum of the city come out to play. And they play dirty. It seems that everyone has either a dark secret or a death wish. In Mackie’s case, it might just be both.

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Run time: 7 hours
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Jay Stringer

Jay Stringer was born in 1980, and he’s not dead yet. He was raised in the Black Country, in England, but now calls Glasgow home, and his loyalties are divided. Jay is dyslexic, and came to the written word as a second language, via comic books, music and comedy. As a child, he spent his time dreaming of living in the New York of Daredevil comics and crime fiction, but as an adult he’s channelled those dreams into fiction of his own. Jay writes hard-boiled crime stories, dark comedies and social fiction. His heart beats for the outsider, and for people without a voice. He’s coined the term ‘social pulp fiction’ to describe his style.
Heather Wilds

Heather Wilds is an award-winning actress. She trained at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama and has appeared in numerous plays on the London stage to great critical acclaim. Heather has performed in award-winning films, appeared on TV, in commercials, and enjoys regular work as an audiobook narrator and voice actress.
Napoleon Ryan

A British-Irish actor born near London, Napoleon began his career on the stage and has performed extensively across Britain and Europe in both classical and contemporary plays as well as musicals. More recently, he has acted on TV, in films, and narrated a number of audiobooks. He enjoys writing comedy and composing classical music.

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