Enormous Room, The

Genre: Sci-Fi

Enormous Room, The

One big name writer per story is usually enough. When two of them appear to do one story, you can bet that story will be special. H. L. Gold and Robert Krepps were both 'big time' science fiction writers. Krepps also went by the pen name “Geoff St. Reynard.” Their collaboration resulted in a fantastically different kind of sci-fi story and one that keeps you guessing until the end. The story begins when a cross-section of humans are abducted from a roller coaster in the middle of the ride! They wake up in a cage in a huge room, where they are subjected to tests by giant aliens. The question is, can this disparate group work together to figure out where they are...and how to get back home?

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Run time: 2 hours
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H. L. Gold
Robert Krepps
Jim Roberts

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