Brand Relevance

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Brand RelevanceMaking Competitors Irrelevant

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Mark Ashby

Branding guru David Aaker explains how to eliminate the competition and become the lead brand in your market. This ground-breaking book defines the concept of brand relevance using dozens of case studies—Prius, Whole Foods, Westin, iPad, and more—and explains how brand relevance drives market dynamics, which generates opportunities for your brand and threats for the competition. Aaker reveals how these companies have made other brands in their categories irrelevant. Key points: When managing a new category of product, treat it as if it were a brand. By failing to produce what customers want, or losing momentum and visibility, your brand becomes irrelevant. You can create barriers to competitors by supporting innovation at every level of the organization. Using dozens of case studies, this book shows how to create or dominate new categories or subcategories, making competitors irrelevant. Aakers explains how to manage the new category or subcategory as if it were a brand and how to create barriers to competitors. The book describes the threat of becoming irrelevant by failing to make what customers are buying or by losing energy. David Aaker, the author of four brand books, has been called the father of branding. This book offers insight for creating and/or owning a new business arena. Instead of being the best, the goal is to be the only brand around—making competitors irrelevant.

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David A. Aaker

David A. Aaker is vice chairman of Prophet Brand Strategy, an executive advisor to Dentsu Inc., and Professor Emeritus of Marketing Strategy at the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley.
Mark Ashby

Mark Ashby has recorded over 300 books for the Library of Congress, including works by Hemingway, Dostoyevsky, and Dan Brown. He received the AFB Scourby Award for non-fiction narration in 2004 and was nominated for a Torgi Award in 2003. Mark also directed and starred in the full-cast audio play Flesh and Blood for Dark Menace Production, and his stage acting credits include The Odd Couple, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, The Seven Year Itch, The Nerd, and Boeing Boeing. Also, as a member and head writer of comedy troupe Those Guys, he has penned a semi-autobiographical play called How to Make a Baby.

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