Coinspinner's Story

Genre: Fantasy

Coinspinner's Story

Performed by:
Cynthia Barrett
#5 in Book of Lost Swords

Prince Murat of Culm possesses Coinspinner, the Sword of Chance which brings untold good fortune to its owner. Can Coinspinner aid Murat in his efforts to acquire Woundhealer, the Sword of healing Murat’s ruler desperately needs? Or through lack of wit and Coinspinner’s propensity to whimsically change owners will Murat find himself caught up in different quest? Prince Adrian, away at a school for magic, is assigned a test of his abilities. More challenges than a school trial await him. Adrian is being relentlessly pursued by the greatest of evil wizards, Wood, armed with more than one of the great Swords and intent on Adrian’s destruction. Will Coinspinner decide Adrian’s fate? Will Adrian’s father, Mark, come to the boy’s aid in time to save him? Who holds Coinspinner? Who commands the powers of Shieldbreaker and Sightblinder? What will come of Murat’s fascination with Princess Kristen? Warriors, wizards, princes, thieves...all seek the power of the Swords.

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Run time: 9 hours
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Fred Saberhagen
Cynthia Barrett

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