In the Words of Our Enemies

Genre: Political Science

In the Words of Our Enemies

Performed by:
Gregory St. John

'Death to America!' Years before September 11, our enemy warned us—and we weren't listening. We are being warned today—by enemies like Iran, North Korea, and radicals and terrorists across the globe—but we are still not listening. Sounding the alarm is bestselling author Jed Babbin (former deputy undersecretary of defense), who exposes the demagogues, dictators, and death squads openly threatening America—with potentially devastating consequences, if we aren't alert to the danger. Full of stunning detail, In the Words of Our Enemies reveals: What the Islamists themselves are saying about their plans for America—mass murder followed by imposition of Islamic sharia law How Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is leading a radical anti-American revolution that aims to organize the world's oil supplies against America Why China's plans go beyond regional hegemony to driving the United States out of the Pacific How even so-called 'friendly' countries, like Russia, are conspiring against us How many countries have threatened to use nuclear weapons against America (it's more than you think) Highlighting our enemies' own words, Jed Babbin gives you, the listener, an insider's intelligence report on the dangers we face. In the Words of Our Enemies gives you the knowledge you need to be forewarned and forearmed in defending America.

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