Genre: Sci-Fi


Performed by:
Ray Chase

Kami Khazud is a member of an acrobatic troupe led by his famous father. While Kami is a fine acrobat, he knows this is not his 'kazuh,' his spirit force, special talent or destiny. In this elegant feudal society, where nobles have absolute rights over the peasant class and intrigue is a way of life, Kami and his troupe must walk more than one kind of tightrope to survive… When a noble known to have abused Kami is murdered, Kami must first prove his innocence and find the murderer. D'shai presents a fascinating, dangerously subtle society whose complexity is reminiscent of medieval Japan or the Byzantine court. Author of the New York Times bestselling Guardians of the Flame series, D'shai and its sequel The Hour of the Octopus present a colorful world and sympathetic characters that will appeal to fantasy and mystery listeners.

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Run time: 8 hours
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Ray Chase

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