Angel's Promise, The

Genre: Mystery

Angel's Promise, The

The international best seller and award-winning thriller that takes its reader on a richly imaginative journey to the depths of Mont-Saint-Michel. Rising out of the sea on a rocky isle off the coast of France, the church and abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel have withstood the harsh northern weather—and withheld its darkest medieval mysteries—for one thousand years. Until now. Now a young, brilliant archeologist, Johanna, has begun to uncover and explore secrets that have long lain buried at the sacred site. In ancient ritual, in foreboding visions, in an expedition at once metaphysical and archeological, Johanna ardently researches the past only to discover that its bizarre, murderous history has begun to be repeated in the present. Reality becomes an elusive, dangerous place, and it leaves Joanna with no one she can fully trust.

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Run time: 21 hours
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Frederic Lenoir
Voilette Cabesos
Laura Raynor Sauriat

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