Shot in Detroit

Genre: Thriller

Shot in Detroit

Performed by:
Jennywren Walker

Violet Hart is a photographer who has always returned to cobble out a life for herself in the oddly womblike interiors of Detroit. Nearing 40, she's keenly aware that the time for artistic recognition is running out. When her lover, Bill, a Detroit mortician, needs a photograph of a body, she agrees to take the picture. It's an artistic success, and Violet, energized by the subject matter, persuades Bill to allow her to take pictures of some of his other 'clients', eventually settling on photographing young black men. When Violet's new portfolio is launched, she quickly strikes a deal, agreeing to produce a dozen pictures with a short deadline, confident because dead bodies are commonplace in Detroit, and she has access to the city's most prominent mortician. These demands soon place Violet in the position of having to strain to meet her quota. As time runs out, how will Violet come up with enough subjects to photograph without losing her soul or her life in the process? A riveting novel of psychological suspense, Patricia Abbott continues to cement herself as one of our very best writers of the darkness that lies within the human heart.

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Run time: 9 hours
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Patricia Abbott

Patricia Abbott is the author of more than 100 stories in print, online, and in various anthologies, and she won the Derringer Award for her story “My Hero.” She makes her home in Detroit. Visit her online at and follow her at @pattinaseabbott.
Jennywren Walker

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