Baby Bumps, The

Genre: Biography

Baby Bumps, The

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Shanon Cook

Another book about the trials of having a baby? Fear not; The Baby Bumps is anything but your typical jaunt through impending motherhood. Instead Spotify spokesperson and former CNN entertainment reporter Shanon Cook weaves a mix of self-effacing insights, unvarnished truth, and insider access to musicians and celebrities like Kanye West, Heidi Klum, and Kylie Minogue. A particularly candid story about landing a career-high interview with Sting while hesitant about getting pregnant will surely elicit a gut reaction. The Baby Bumps is Shanon's hilariously honest memoir tracking her journey from flashy reporter to scattered new mother, capturing the comedy and vulnerability born out of leaving behind one life to grow another. It exposes the struggles that come with trying to juggle it all, with lipstick on and hair in place, before learning that while life doesn't have a control button, it's possible to enjoy the (bumpy) ride.

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Run time: 3 hours
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Shanon Cook
Shanon Cook

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