Dog Is Us, The

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Dog Is Us, The

'About 15 percent of all Americans are estimated to be Marijuana smokers, and 56 million have tried it at least once. These figures have been published so often that it's easy to get the impression that marijuana smoking is one of the more secure 60s legacies. The trouble is that the statistics one always hears about relate to those who try or use marijuana. And the fact that those figures are staggering only makes it seem all the more surprising that a dramatic number of people have stopped using the drug.' But why did we stop? The Dog Is Us is Marcelle Clements's iconic eulogy to her 60s-era romance with marijuana - a wry, observant reverse-anthem for the days when we let our consciousness wander to the edge. The Dog Is Us was originally published in Rolling Stone, September 2, 1982.

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Marcelle Clements
Marcelle Clements

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