Gambler's Jury, A

Genre: Thriller-Legal

Gambler's Jury, A

Performed by:
Teri Schnaubelt

What they’re doing to her client is a crime. Attorney Dani Rollins is bullish in the courtroom—pushing judges and prosecutors to their limits in defense of the innocent. So when she meets Teddy Thorne, a mentally challenged teen accused of selling drugs, Dani knows she’s got this in the bag. She can easily settle the case with a couple of court appearances. But when prosecutors move for an adult felony conviction, Dani suspects Teddy’s being used as a pawn in a sinister game. As the case moves forward, Dani is certain the judge and district attorney’s office have motivations beyond the crime—a fair trial isn’t in the cards. And when she takes on guardianship of Teddy, the case becomes personal as she fights her own demons and the government. Dani will stop at nothing to protect this innocent boy—there’s no other option. Because if she loses, both she and Teddy could lose far more than just the case…

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Run time: 9 hours
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Victor Methos

<p>Victor Methos knew he would be a lawyer at the age of thirteen, when his best friend was interrogated by the police for over eight hours and confessed to a crime he didn’t commit.</p><p>After graduating from the University of Utah S. J. Quinney College of Law, Methos worked for a special kind of lawyer—the kind who put up neon signs and would do anything and everything to win. Afterward, he sharpened his teeth as a prosecutor for Salt Lake City before founding what would become the most successful criminal defense firm in Utah.</p><p>In ten years, Methos conducted more than one hundred trials. One particular case stuck with him, and it became the basis for his first major bestseller, <i>The Neon Lawyer</i>. Since that book’s publication, Methos has focused his work on legal thrillers and mysteries. He currently splits his time between Salt Lake City and Las Vegas and continues to defend the poor and the weak against the strong and the powerful.</p>
Teri Schnaubelt

Teri is a professional on-camera, voice and stage actor who has narrated over 75 audiobooks under her name and her pseudonym, Lynn Barrington. She is also an accomplished oil painter as well as an avid gardener, photographer and fitness enthusiast living in the northern Chicago suburbs with her husband and four cats.

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