Communication Clinic, The

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Communication Clinic, The99 Proven Cures for the Most Common Business Mistakes

The proven prescription for powerful business communicationSending an email plagued with typos. Rushing through a presentation. Never saying “no.” Under-dressing for a company event. What do these all have in common? Bad messaging.The Communication Clinic is a comprehensive, commonsense guide to getting the job of  your dreams and presenting yourself in the best light through your writing, speaking, body language, and overall appearance. In no time, you’ll begin recognizing the subtle mistakes that are holding you back, and taking steps to overcome them.The Communication Clinic provides the proven prescription for:Writing effective emailsDeveloping a professional presenceMastering verbal and nonverbal communicationUsing social media for career successDesigning and delivering powerful presentationsBeing assertive (but not aggressive) in person and onlineManaging conflictBusiness interactions are increasingly done over digital platforms and across traditional boundaries. Never has clear communication been more critical. Unskilled communicators can create awkward situations, negatively affect business profitability, and even end their own careers with a few poorly chosen keystrokes.Consult The Communication Clinic and you’ll show everyone that you understand your job, that you care about your career, and that you work well with others ?all of which come across loud and clear through effective communication.

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Barbara Pachter

BARBARA PACHTER is an internationally renowned speaker and coach on business etiquette and communication, an instructor at the School of Business at Rutgers University, and the author of The Essentials of Business Etiquette. For more information, visit
Denise Cowie

DENISE COWIE is a writer and editor who has worked on three continents.
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