Ethan Allen

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Ethan AllenThe Green Mountain Boys and Vermont's Path to Statehood

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Benjamin Becker
The Library of American Lives and Times Series

The Library of American Lives and Times ™ Biographies For Grades 4-8 Correlated to the Curriculum Extend the learning through this new biography series. The Library of American Lives and Times use extensive primary resources as it brings American history to life for your students. Learn about some of the greatest players who helped in shaping America as it grew from a colony to a world super power. Through a chronological narrative, enriched with diary entries, letters, and other primary documents, students will learn about the various stages of our nation's development, as well as learning to think about history from the perspective of both individuals and society. By learning about history from a particular and unique biographical perspective, each student will learn about the following themes that form the framework for the social studies standards: Culture; People, Places, and Environments; Individual Development and Identity; Individuals, Groups, and Institutions; Power, Authority, and Governance; Production, Distribution, and Consumption; Global Connections: Civic Ideals and Practices. These books are comprehensive biographical treatments of important Americans, emphasizing not just their lives, but the times in which they lived. Each book is 112 pages with dynamic full-color photos throughout. Text is designed to make the navigation and comprehension of these more extensive supplemental books an easy transition from the third-grade material under the PowerKids Press imprint. Ethan Allen: The controversial founder of Vermont, Ethan Allan’s story unfolds on the backdrop of 18th-century life in the New England frontier. In inter-colonial disputes over land grants, Allen took a firm stance against the powerful colony of New York. Later he led the Green Mountain Boys in the capture of Fort Ticonderoga and Crown Point. A hero to some, a traitor to others, Allen lived a life resonating with the military and political obstacles encountered by a colony and a nation fighting for freedom. 'These attractive titles serve not only as quality report sources, but also as general interest titles.' - School Library Journal

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