Chasing Heisenberg
Audiobook Publication Date1/29/2019

Genre: Science

Chasing HeisenbergThe Race for the Atom Bomb

After a devastating run of German victories, Allied troops are beginning to halt Hitler’s advance. But far from the battlefields, Allied scientists are struggling. Intelligence reports put them a distant second behind the Germans in a competition that could determine the outcome of the war: the race to build the world’s first nuclear weapon. For the Allies’ top scientists, the race is deeply personal. J. Robert Oppenheimer, Enrico Fermi, and Samuel Goudsmit have known Hitler’s chief atomic scientist, Werner Heisenberg, for years. A brilliant, world-renowned physicist and once a good friend, he’s anti-Nazi, but also a loyal German. Fear that he’s put country first and is building a bomb haunts Oppenheimer and Fermi all through their months and years developing the Allied bomb. That same anxiety drives Goudsmit, now a top Allied intelligence officer, to risk his life as he attempts to track down Heisenberg and the site of Hitler’s suspected atom bomb program.

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Michael Joseloff

<p>Michael Joseloff is a four-time Emmy Award winning news and documentary producer, living in New York City. He was a producer with <i>The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour</i> (PBS) from 1983 to 1995. His documentaries have aired on PBS, including the acclaimed series <I>FRONTLINE</I>, The History Channel, Discovery, CNBC, A&E, and other major cable TV channels.</p><p>Joseloff’s interest in the atom bomb dates back to 1993, when he produced a segment for <i>The NewsHour</i> on the “father of the bomb,” J. Robert Oppenheimer.</p>
Malcolm Hillgartner

Malcolm Hillgartner is an actor, author, songwriter, and playwright. Over the past 30 years, he’s performed in theatres across the US and Europe and, with his wife Jahnna, written more than 100 books for teens and young readers, including the bestselling series, The Jewel Kingdom.

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