Alan Edward Nourse Collection

Genre: Sci-Fi

Alan Edward Nourse CollectionThe Coffin Cure, Image of the Gods

Performed by:
Ben Hurst

The Coffin Cure: No one likes a cold. It has plagued mankind for generations. When Dr. Coffin and his colleagues finally devise a cure for this ailment, the discovery is met with excitement worldwide. A month later though, noses everywhere start to rebel. Can they find a cure for the cure and do it in time to save their own necks? Image of the Gods: In this story, an earth colony discovers that their relationship with the mother planet has suddenly changed due to an overthrow of the Earth's government. They decide not to go along with the new totalitarian regime and to declare their independence. They expect a fight for liberty and get it. However, their relationship with the natives of the planet, the 'dusties', changes the whole situation in a very dramatic way.

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Run time: 1 hours
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Alan Edward Nourse

Alan Edward Nourse, who also went by the names Edward Alan Nourse, Al Nourse, and Doctor X, was one of the best short stories writers of the Golden Age of sci-fi. Among his many books and stories is the novel Bladerunner.
Ben Hurst

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