Edmond Hamilton Collection

Genre: Sci-Fi

Edmond Hamilton CollectionCity at World's End, The Stars, My Brothers

Performed by:
Jim Roberts

City at World's End: The midwestern town of Middletown is the 'first strike' of a new super bomb. However, instead of destroying the town, the attack rips a hole in the space-time continuum, sending the town and it's inhabitants to a distant Earth, cold and foreboding. The story of their struggle, survival, and ultimate success in rekindling the planet and dealing with the people and aliens of the future is the stuff of great science fiction. As you listen, see if you agree with the many who think this story was the origin of the Star Wars characters Chewbacca and Leia. The Stars, My Brothers: Edmond Moore Hamilton was a popular science-fiction author during the 'Golden Age' of American science fiction. 'The Stars, My Brothers' is considered one of his best, and certainly most imaginative, stories. A spaceman is killed in space and frozen. He is left orbiting the space station where he was killed in the hope that a method will be found to bring him back to life. That day finally comes a hundred years later, when he awakens to a very different world and comes to realize he has become both a symbol and a pawn in a human/alien conflict.

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