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Samuel G. Blythe CollectionThe Fun of Getting Thin: How to Be Happy and Reduce the Waist Line, Cutting It Out

Performed by:
Jim Killavey

'The Fun of Getting Thin': This is an entertaining and inspiring story about one man's 'journey into fat' and how he was able to reverse that course and get back to his ideal weight. Written many years ago, it's fascinating to hear that people had the same struggles then as now with weight control and that there were just as many commercial diets and exercise plans vying for their attention - and cash. He decided to devise a common sense plan of his own. As he says, it might work for you but he makes no guarantees. At the very least, it should help motivate you to devise your own plan to lose weight and make life fun again. 'Cutting It Out': Using the same common sense approach that worked so well in his enormously successful book 'The Fun of Getting Thin,' Samuel G. Blythe focused this time on how, for his health's sake, he gave up alcohol. This story of his success is full of inspiration, humor and practical advice and, as he says, it 'just might work' for you as well.

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