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  • Breath of Yesterday
    Breath of Yesterday Emily Bold
    Justine Eyre
  • Chicks Kick Butt
    Chicks Kick Butt Rachel Caine (Editor)
    Kerrie L. Hughes (Editor)
    Joyce Bean
    Jennifer VanDyck
    Justine Eyre
    Khristine Hvam
    Lauren Fortgang
    Nicola Barber
    Dina Pearlman
    Piper Goodeve
    Aimee Castle
    Elizabeth Livingston
    Christina Delaine
    Kim Mai Guest
  • Color Song
    Color Song Victoria Strauss
    Justine Eyre
  • Countess So Shameless
    Countess So Shameless Liana LeFey
    Justine Eyre
  • Crave
    Crave Monica Murphy
    Justine Eyre
    Will Damron
96Titles Found
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