All About Audiobooks on MP3-CD

An MP3-CD looks exactly like a standard CD (compact disc)

If you were looking at a standard CD (compact disc) and an MP3-CD, you wouldn't see a difference between the two. They look the same. The difference between them is the type of sound file format for the content on the disc (in our case, the content is the recording of the book).

The mumbo jumbo about sound file formats

The audio format for the sound files on a standard CD is .wav. In this format, a standard 700 MB CD can hold 74-80 minutes of audio. The audio format for the sound files on an MP3-CD is .mp3. In the mp3 format, the sound files are MPEG compressed files. (MPEG stands for Moving Picture Experts Group, Audio Layer 3. Layer 3 refers to one of three coding schemes for the compression of audio signals; it uses compression to remove all redundant and irrelevant parts of a sound signal—what the human ear does not hear anyway. The result in real terms is that Layer 3 shrinks the original sound data by a factor of 12 without sacrificing sound quality.) Due to this compression, an MP3-CD can hold up to 16 hours at 96 kbps. The amount of hours an MP3-CD can hold is dependent on the kilobit per second coding rate chosen during compression. The standard MP3 coding rate for Brilliance Audio MP3-CDs is 96 kbps monaural.

What kind of player is needed to be able to listen to an audiobook on MP3-CD?

There are a lot of choices. You can play an MP3-CD in these devices:

  • - Any CD player marked "MP3-enabled", also known as an "MP3-CD player"
  • - Most DVD and BluRay DVD players
  • - Computer CD drives
  • - In-dash car audio systems with MP3-CD players
  • - Xbox 360, Sony Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii

You CANNOT play an MP3-CD in a standard CD player that is not MP3-enabled. A standard CD player will not recognize an MP3-CD and will message that the disc is blank.

A New Idea: Transfer the MP3 audiobook files from an MP3-CD to an iPod player or other MP3-players and devices—and keep the MP3 disc as a backup!

That's like a download without the online download hassle. Okay, it isn't as immediately gratifying as a download but you don't have to find a place to store the files or worry that they might get deleted either. They'll be right on the original disc! You can use either iTunes or Windows Media Player to manage the transfer to your player. For helpful hints on how to transfer MP3-CD audiobooks files to your iPod or other device, click here!

If you need help transferring files to your MP3 player, you can email us at Contact Us or call 1-800-222-3225 for technical assistance.

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