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  • Blackguards
    Blackguards Michael J. Sullivan
    Lian Hearn
    Mark Lawrence
    Tim Gerard Reynolds
    David deVries
    Elijah Alexander
    Richard Poe
    Karyn O'Bryant
    Steven Brand
    Michael Page
    Victor Bevine
    Nick Podehl
    Allyson Johnson
    MacLeod Andrews
    Oliver Wyman
    Gabra Zackman
    Lauren Fortgang
    Kevin T. Collins
    John Keating
    Ray Porter
    Scott Aiello
  • City of Wonders
    City of Wonders James A. Moore
    David deVries
  • Codex Born
    Codex Born Jim C. Hines
    David deVries
  • Daemon Prism, The
    Daemon Prism, The Carol Berg
    David deVries
    Eric Brooks
    Angele Masters
    Daniel May
  • Dance of the Angels
    Dance of the Angels Robert Morcet
    David deVries
45Titles Found
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